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Creating Infinity Edge

Low risk trading is more than taking positions around support and resistance its also know what to watch. In essence where are the market makers buying and selling. Our proprietary  based system was programmed using 15 years of back testing. When you can see the buy and sell zones and where this market is going there is your edge. We will show you The Gap Trade and the Key Time frames to trade.  We use RSI's  and moving averages and overall our charts are pretty clean. The Infinity Edge Trading Manual will break down the trades. Traders using the system are amazed at how well it works and until now was only available if you worked for a firm. You can trade the futures markets literally 24 hours a day.  

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Our Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to see if  trading is for you. We interview many traders that want to trade. Trading is hard work. You must understand risk, patience and discipline. If you want to practice try the free demo. If you want to learn send us and email and why you think you should be considered to be our next funded trader. 


Why Us?

We are one of the few firms that will teach you how to trade and help you fund an account. No need to risk your capital. With traders all over the world futures trading is a 24 hour market. Our focus is on the ES, YM,NQ and CL these will all affect the price of Stocks.. Our traders are disciplined to maximize profits never risking more than $100 per trade. Our Trading Manual and some one on one mentor ship will take you to the next level. Best of all practice on the demo until you are ready.