Become a Funded Trader. NO NEED TO RISK YOUR CAPITAL!

Are you looking to learn how to trade Futures, Stocks or Options for daily cash flow? Our system is powerful it will show you where to buy and sell. In essence trade with the market makers. We hit our daily goal and we are done. Best of all we will teach you how to find 5-8 Stocks and trade them repeatedly for daily income. Example buy BAC at $28.50 sell it at $29.00 Take profits. When it dips back down do it again. They key is knowing how where the pivots are and proper scaling. You can also buy Options using the same strategy and build your account. Once you understand the system you can do these trades from your smart phone. Keep it simple be consistent and disciplined. Here are a few screenshoots from our trades. The algo based system was developed to show where market makers are buying and selling. This proprietary system is based off twenty years of back testing. Until now was only available if you traded for a firm. You will learn exactly how to identify where the market makers are taking this market. We will explain in detail and show you exactly where we take our trades and help you to become a funded trader. Soon your charts will look just like ours. If you want to trade Futures why risk your money when one of our partners will fund an account and split profits 80/20 with you. No need to risk your Capital. 

The investment in our mentors ship is $1,597.00. We will provide you with our Trading Manual and 15 lessons spread out over 12 months. Learn  at your pace and practice on the free demo. Our goal is to help you become our next funded trader.


Break down of a $2,150 Day Trade


Mid morning fade starts

 What if you could just learn how to read  charts and follow your own trading plan. This is going into the 4th of July weekend we know nobody wants hold a position over a long weekend. Looking for the fade at the close.


Fade Continues

Fade Continues . Up $800 at this point we are looking for the fade. Friday going into a long weekend.  Smart investors protect  bankroll over a 3 day weekend.


Fade into the close $2,150 on one trade

Fade continues into the close. Many of my students took this trade and paid for their mentor ship in day. Plan was the washout we knew the chances of money coming  in to the close was minimal.

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